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Get Discovered

Join the community of data technology professionals and be discovered by employers. Employers who are partners have access to members within the community. If there is a good match in skills and experience to what an employer needs, you will be 'discovered'.

Direct to Employer

We don't go through a middleman or staffing firm. Our partners are in our community. Once we know of their needs and it matches with your skills, you are submitted directly to them.

Total Anonymity

Your identity is not published on our website. We will never reveal your identity unless we have approval from you to do so. We will always confirm with you before we submit you to an employer.

Our Support

We provide resources that could help you succeed in your career as a data technology professional. We have our professionals that could help you with your resume, networking that could help you connect with employers, social programs that could help you stay connected with the community, insights and blog posts that could keep you up-to-date with information and advice.

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