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Less Sourcing, More Hiring

Leave the sourcing to us so you can do the hiring. We have a community of top-notch data technology professionals. Beyond that, we use artificial intelligence and human intelligence to find the perfect candidates. Our systems will identify and 'invite' the best candidates to apply and our professionals take it from there.

Quality Candidates

We do all of the verification and checks for skills and experience so you only get the most qualified candidates. We know data technology better than anyone because all of our professionals have that background. We find the best candidates because we know exactly what they do and how they would match up to your needs.

Our Expertise

We focus strictly on data technology and all of our professionals come from the data technology background. We speak your technical language and we speak that language with the candidates. We know if they know what they would need to know. We won't submit anyone to you that doesn't meet your requirements. We don't compromise on that.

Our Guarantee

You are not obligated to hire from us. As a partner in our community, you have full access to resources in our community. You are not charged for any service that we provide up until hiring. If within 90 days of hiring you are not satisfied, the prorated portion of fees will be returned to you. That's our guarantee.

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