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10 Tips on Working from Home

Working from home has become the norm for many of us. We have become accustomed to this new reality. But it could be hard to self-motivate and we have lost the social interactions that are part of being in an office. Here’s a top 10 list for surviving working from home that we had decided to compile based on our own experiences. We hope that they could be of some help to you.

1. Pretend like it’s just another day going in to the office

Dress in some comfortable work clothes (business casual is fine), so you can get into the business mindset. If you are used to a workout before starting work, keep doing that. If you are used to that cup of coffee in the morning, keep doing that. If the coffee is usually to-go, put it in a container with a lid and take it with you to your ‘office’. Try to keep your routines as much as possible to limit disruptions.

2. Dedicate a workspace

Set up a workspace for yourself that is separate from other normal activities in the home (e.g. the living room sofa). Set up a workspace with a desk and chair. This helps to create the separation between the places in your home used for normal home activities and the space that you use for work.

3. Try to stick to a normal schedule

If you are used to getting up at 6 and getting ready for work, keep doing that. If you prepare your day by putting together a to-do list early in the day, keep doing that. If you use the morning time to get some exercise, stick to that. If you prepare meals for yourself or your family before going to work, then keep doing that. And at the end of the day, try to stick to a schedule of disconnecting from work at around the same time as you normally do and do your regular evening activities.

4. Prioritize around productivity

Know when you are most productive during the day and prioritize your tasks for the day to tackle the more difficult ones during those times when you are most productive. Perform the more administrative ones during those other times when you are in a lull or normally less productive.

5. Avoid procrastination

Best way to avoid procrastination is to know what you need to accomplish. Make a list of things that you need to take care of that day. You can make the list the night before or in the morning before the workday really gets going. This would help to motivate you to get things done. Keep checking off the items on your list as the day goes on.

6. Stay connected with your team (and friends/family too)

At the office if you have a bad day, the network is there to support and help you to move on from it. You don’t have that at home. Stay connected via video conference with your team, ideally once a day. Don’t forget to keep in touch with friends and family too. Don’t cut yourself off, as it is important for your health and well-being.

7. Take breaks

If you had been used to going out to lunch or going out for a walk during your lunchtime when in the office, then try to do something similar during that time as if you were at work. If you like to grab a coffee in the afternoon, then you can do something similar by putting coffee in a container with a lid and going for a walk around the block. The breaks can help you feel refreshed again.

8. Avoid social media

Social media can be quite distracting. It is much easier to get distracted by social media when you’re working from home. If it’s not part of your job, you should just remain logged out of those accounts during the day. You can log back in at the end of the day when you are on your own time.

9. Set a hard close to the day

If you normally end your workday at 6, try to keep that schedule. Avoid blurring the lines between work life and home life. Try to maintain a healthy work/life balance so you can keep motivated.

10. Take care of yourself

Maintain your own health and wellbeing. Eat a balanced diet so you can keep a good energy level during the day. Exercise can help improve your mood, so partake in indoor and/or outdoor activities, like walking, biking, running or in-home workouts. You can also do meditation or yoga to support your mental well-being.

Be well and stay safe!

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