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AI by Itself Sometimes can be Pretty Stupid

We’ve seen a lot of vendors touting the benefits of AI. But we’ve also seen a lot of vendors misinterpret how to use this technology. Mostly it is because they believe this technology can replace human intelligence. We see this all the time for sourcing humans for positions or roles in an organization. By the way, we are talking about humans here – ones that are supposed to be hired into companies to do something that is needed; ones that are supposed to have certain skills, knowledge and experience and not just a bunch of buzzwords on a resume; ones that would fit the profile that a hiring manager would want on his or her team. Try feeding all of that to an AI system. You can’t.

So here’s what a lot of firms say they can do. They say that they can find the right individuals for the roles that need to be filled by the use of their AI system. What they don’t say is that they only rely on the AI system to provide them the list without knowing whether or not those individuals are truly qualified. Many candidates actually stack their resumes with a bunch of buzzwords to increase the chance that these AI systems would pick them up. It’s a good way to get themselves in front of hiring managers. The problem is that many of them haven’t actually done many of the things that they claim to have done on their resumes. It would be a failure if they are submitted.

AI is pretty stupid by itself without human intelligence behind it. It’ll spit out what has been programmed for it to spit out. Yes, it may learn, but what is it that it could learn from and what is it that people who understand how AI systems work would not modify their resumes so that they could be ‘teaching’ the systems what they want the systems to ‘learn’. AI systems can only learn from what it is fed.

Have you ever received an email saying that you have the qualifications for a job that you could not, for the life of you, figure out why you would be contacted for such a role? Many of us have. That’s AI without human intelligence at work. Have you ever wondered why the only thing that the recruiting firm would want is your resume, rate and when you could start? You could be completely unqualified and yet they would not be interested in that. They just want to get you in front of their client as quick as possible. That is wrong!

In the people business, you have to understand both the demand side and the supply side. You have to be able to match the two. That takes human intelligence, not artificial intelligence.

We have AI too. We use it to ‘invite’ people to our open roles. The system is smart enough only to know who to invite. Once it does that though, our team of data technology professionals take over. They do the other 80% of the work that is required to make sure that the candidates really, truly meet all of the requirements. That’s how it must be done. There is no AI system that could replace that, but many vendors would make you believe that machines are really smarter and can completely take the place of humans. We beg to differ.

We do it with human intelligence at IbisViz.

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