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Candidate Guide to Video Interviews

During these times, it is important to stay sharp on your video interview techniques. We have created a simple and helpful guide for you should you be interviewing remotely.

A few of our practical tips include:

  1. Test your equipment in advance. Make sure that everything is working properly – computer, battery, mic, webcam. Ensure that if you need to download software you have done so in advance and you have undertaken a trial login.

  2. Choose your background, camera position and lighting carefully.

  3. Choose a room that will be distraction and noise free – ensure you will not be disturbed by family/pets/ringing phones etc.

  4. Dress for a face-to-face interview! You will feel more confident and prepared for the unexpected.

  5. Print off your CV and the job spec and have a pen and paper handy for taking notes.

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