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Data Strategy for Enterprise, Subsidiary or Business Unit

Data strategy is usually defined at the enterprise level because it aligns with business objectives. However as business objectives are cascaded down through the organization, strategy can be defined at different levels of the organization where data can be used for strategic purposes. A subsidiary, for example, could have a different strategy for how they use their data. Business units and functional areas within them could also have different strategies. Waiting for enterprise strategy to be defined and rolled out to the entire organization may limit the ability to achieve some short to medium term business objectives. For that reason, it might be worth identifying and executing on your own data strategy.

A lot of organizations lack the ability to define their own strategy for data. Many also lack the resources to achieve strategic goals that they have defined. We can help fill those gaps. Ask us about how we can help you with defining your data strategy and provide you a roadmap for how you could achieve it. If you need us to give you a business plan so you can request the funds to implement, we can do that for you as well. Check out our service at

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