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Employers Successfully Not-Meeting Candidates

Employers are now casting their nets further to attract top talent or are in situations where face-to-face meetings and/or travel has become restricted. One of the challenges that comes with this is the ability to conduct a successful interview process, even if the candidate cannot be met in person.

Some tips for navigating this:

1. Use suitable tools for the interview – Skype, Zoom, Go2Meeting are some options; FaceTime and WhatsApp may be alternatives as well

2. Decide on the format of the interview - whether it be individual, group or panel – and organize it with those participants in the tool

3. You could optionally run additional assessment. There are online assessments for psychometrics, leadership, management and technical that can assess for desired qualities.

4. Be creative by providing a digital portfolio of your culture and surrounding so candidate can get a ‘feel’ of what it might be like to work there.

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