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How do you measure success for your Data Strategy?


Strengthen a culture of accountability for consistently ensuring value by

· Measuring all activities to ensure you can determine impact

· Tying activities to impact indicators

· Reassess value and priority of activities

Expand competencies to include centricity, innovation, business acumen, and agility by leveraging

· Innovative models for skill development

· Competency framework

Manage a balance of breadth and depth in expertise to respond to changing landscapes

Understand and communicate an aligned value proposition

Strengthen leadership competencies to act as an equal strategic collaborative partner, navigating role overlaps


Build/Implement platform-based systems to capture and disseminate insights

Tools to increase speed and efficiency

Leverage intelligent systems and frameworks


Planning and execution consistently done in strategic collaboration

Reinforce non-siloed behaviors, decision will be informed by broad input

Trusted & critical partner to internal stakeholders & external customers


Explore optimal and innovative processes, governance and team/organizational structures

Manage investment in resources through prioritization that maximizes impact

Differentiate unique roles

Build on compliance capabilities as an enabler to maximize impact

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