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IbisViz8 Series – 8 Things to Do if Unemployed

Don’t waste your time. Know where you can find the support you need to see you through and then focus on doing these 8 things to come out strong on the other end. Unemployment is only temporary. Things will come back around again so get yourself ready.

1. Get organized

This is an excellent opportunity to get organized. Look around to see if there is any clutter that should be cleared out or straightened up. Getting organized will get you ready and also make you feel productive.

2. Plan your career

Use this as an opportunity to take a time out and think about your career path. Think what you want from your future career. Understanding what will fulfill your passion and allow you to live your career dreams will improve your outlook.

3. Update your profile

This includes both your resume and your social media profile. Employers will be sure to check you out on social media before inviting you to a job interview, so you need to make sure everything is accurate and inviting. Updating your profile will make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence.

4. Network

This is the time to get your networking game back on and to ensure your industry knows who you are. You can join relevant professional associations or sign up with your alumni network. You can also join industry-specific events, seminars, or online workshops. Focus on the quality and not so much on the quantity of your networking. Establishing good connections can be a good morale booster too.

5. Learn

Taking a class can keep you sharp. There are many inexpensive options and even free ones available. Keeping your brain sharp can help you stay focused and may help you learn some new, relevant job skills.

6. Volunteer

Volunteering is a good way to use the extra time you have. Volunteering in the area related to your field can also allow you to include that experience on your resume. Besides, doing good is a good morale booster.

7. Freelance

Temporary work online or offline can be beneficial because of the financial boost it can provide, and it could also enhance skills and experience. You could find an agency for temporary work and either opt for roles in your industry or in any industry you feel equipped to conquer. Just remember to pick jobs that can benefit your career or provide some financial relief, and limit the hours so that you can still have some time to conduct you job search.

8. Join a community

You can join a community of professionals in the same profession or with similar career interests as you. Often these communities will have free or low-cost seminars that you could attend to keep up with the market. Some of these communities also provide a way to network with professionals and organizations that rely on those professionals and the skills they have.

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