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Let’s make sure mistakes in history aren't repeated

Last time I checked history, the Great Depression was a contributing factor to dire economic conditions in Weimar Germany which led in part to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Less than two decades after that, we learned of the atrocities committed against people of different ethnicity, especially Jews.

Covid-19 has created severe economic stagnation. The frustration and desperation are mounting among the unemployed. Politicians are again playing the dangerous game of inciting violence by singling out certain races and ethnic groups to blame for anything from the origin of the virus to taking American jobs to simply being inferior because of the color of skin.

We are seeing nationalism rise again in many places. It is being exploited in times of crisis. If it gets really bad, the result could potentially be similar to what had been seen and experienced between 1929 and 1945.

Race relations is reaching a tipping point here in America. Police killing of an unarmed black man recently is only another example of a long list of examples of inequality and unfair treatment for blacks. Rise of white supremacist and the enabling of their platform is giving rise again to race discrimination and racial profiling. If we head down this path, we will end up where Germany had been in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Only difference is that the stakes are now higher.

We are really at a crossroad right now. The freedom that this country had so strongly defended and morally upheld for a long time is eroding quickly. The fear is that this will only lead us back to that same dark place in history that we vowed to forever defend the world from returning to ever again. I hope to God that something good happens soon to change the trajectory of where we unfortunately may be headed.

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