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Empathy and Compassion, Stand Against Injustice

There are so many roles we play in life but the most important one should be to advance society towards a more just, inclusive, empathetic and compassionate future. As leaders of our organizations, communities, families, we must take a stand against injustice and hate.

Racial injustice has led to the death of another black man. This is a sad event, in a long line of sad events involving racial injustice in this country. The unfair targeting of black Americans and people of color have been going on for some time. This injustice cannot and should not be tolerated.

We are facing one of the worse pandemics in history, and yet we are reminded during this difficult time of the inequality and injustices that had existed in our world. This is not just a U.S. problem, but in the U.S., this history goes back a long way. This hate has existed for centuries and the lack of action to change it is appalling.

For those who are peacefully protesting, we stand with you. We condemn racism. We condemn hate. We condemn bigotry. We condemn xenophobia. We condemn police brutality. We condemn injustice.

This is a very difficult and tragic time. We must confront this and have the difficult conversations so that we can make the changes that are needed. We must lean on our conscious culture and support each other through this.

What we already know is that we have racial injustice and bigotry in this country. We already know about our history and the history of white supremacy. We already know that the flames of hate have been reignited and more fuel is constantly being thrown into the fire. We can’t lose sight of a future of inclusion for all. How we show up for this will be our defining moment.

Let’s all do our part to advance our society and not repeat the things in history that got us here.


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